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Secured Alliance supports the strategic, operational and human resources concerns of the affiliate organizations. The Secured Alliance Affiliate Organizations serve clients in 49 states, manage a combined asset base of over $100 Million, and oversee care for hundreds of people as court-appointed guardians, conservators, and case managers.


Secured Alliance will be the preeminent national network of organizations serving the needs of all persons; the elderly, the young, and persons of all ages living with disabilities, by providing advocacy, care management and fiduciary services, with unfailing compassion and care.


Secured Alliance exists to support the ethical and sustainable growth of the Alliance Affiliate Organizations.

Our Services

The Secured Alliance Affiliate Organizations provide the following services:

Trustee Services:

Appropriate for individuals needing to shelter assets for the purpose of maintaining public benefits eligibility. Opening an account is simple and inexpensive.
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Appropriate for an individual who is utilizing the services of an attorney to draft a unique standalone trust, and needs a trustee to administer it today, or sometime in the future.
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For those requiring fiduciary administration of other financial products & services.
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Appropriate for any person under the age of 18, who is a recipient of a financial windfall of any size.
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Appropriate for those seeking to preserve the asset base of the trust account.
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Appropriate for those requiring financial assistance and regular, ongoing help with household bills, expenses, and budget development.
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Appropriate for beneficiaries being awarded a financial settlement from a school district.
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Care Management Services:

A legal appointment appropriate for persons who live with intellectual disability and are in need of ongoing assistance (CA).
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A legal appointment appropriate for persons who require financial governance due to an incapacity.
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A legal appointment appropriate for persons who live with intellectual disability, and are in need of long-term guardianship.
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An appointment that assigns healthcare directives and decision making to an Alliance Affiliate Organization.
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A legal designation appropriate for individual in an array of circumstances.
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For those seeking assessment and advisement related to the health and human services arena.
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A private relationship between the client and an Affiliate Organization specializing in ongoing case management.
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Other Services

From helping clients start a special needs trust to referring them to an expert financial advisor who is trained in special needs planning. Learn More

Creating a will or hiring an estate planning attorney to manage assets and properties can be much simpler with our services. Learn More

Making an excellent relationship with clients and providing support in their legal financial matters or asset management. Learn More

Strategic Leadership

That Secured Alliance shall provide strategic leadership to the collective, according to the following Model:


That diversity is seen as necessary for the strength and growth to the mission of the Alliance.


To enhance the service delivery of the Affiliate


To grow the Alliance.

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Secured Alliance was incorporated by founding organizations The Good Shepherd Fund, a California Nonprofit Organization, and Secured Futures, a Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organization, in 2018.

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About Us

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