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SF specializes in administering low cost pooled trust solutions, and have extensive experience with Special Needs Trusts, Structured Settlements, Minor’s Trust solutions, and preservation trusts. SF’s great advantage is the fees associated with trust administration, and with no minimum asset threshold, can provide acute investment options and enhanced services at a fraction of the costs normally associated with banking trust divisions.

Services offered by Secured Futures

Special Needs Trust

The Pooled Special Needs Trust is for Persons with disabilities and are seeking to protect government benefits.

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Minors Trust

The Pooled Minors Trust is for minor children not disabled, who receive funds as the result of a minor’s compromise settlement…

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Education Trust

The Secured Futures Education Pooled Trust is designed to receive funds from School Districts on behalf of disabled students …

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Preservation Trust

The Pooled Preservation Trust is a flexible trust option designed to comply with Court Orders and/or voluntary spendthrift…

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Pooled Support Trust

The Pooled Support Trust is an estate planning tool designed to provide families, guardians or other third parries with a …

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Secured Alliance was incorporated by founding organizations The Good Shepherd Fund, a California Nonprofit Organization, and Secured Futures, a Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organization, in 2018.

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9633 S 48th St. STE 290
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Phone: (623) 227-1452
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