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Good Shepherd Fund

Incorporated in 1970, GSF specializes in working with families to formulate a plan to care for a loved one living with disabilities once his/her parents or relatives are no longer able to do so. We work with estate planning attorneys to build a comprehensive plan for care, and happily serve as trustee, guardian, conservator, case manager, or friend to that loved one long after his or her parents are gone.

GSF also serves as trustee and or successor trustee in cases involving a custodial (standalone) trust, including Special Needs Trusts. GSF is able to defer fees while the parents are living and engaged and can formulate tailormade solutions to meet just about any household budget.

Services offered by Good Shepherd Fund


Secured Alliance was incorporated by founding organizations The Good Shepherd Fund, a California Nonprofit Organization, and Secured Futures, a Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organization, in 2018.

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